Luna Protein Bars (12/Case)

Luna Protein Bars (12/Case)

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Food feeds our souls, lifts our spirits, nourishes and sustains us...and as women, we know the way we eat makes a difference in how we feel. However, it's a challenge to satisfy our hunger and eat healthfully. Now there's Luna Protein, the first protein bar made just for women. Decadent chocolaty covered nougat with 12 grams of protein, folic acid, calcium, iron and vitamin D. Indulgent satisfaction for less than 200 calories. Eclipse your hunger.
Flavors: *CPB= Chocolate Peanut Butter *CCCD= Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough *BERRY= Berry Greek Yogurt

  • Web Description: Luna Protein Bars (12/Case)
  • Quantity: 12 - 1.6oz Bars to a Case
  • Benefits: Entirely Natural and 35% Organic
  • Misc: * Available by the case only.
  • Sport: Tennis, Running, Fitness

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