Luna Bars (15/Case)

Luna Bars (15/Case)

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The blissfully good, whole nutrition bar for women. Only 180 calories, Luna is a healthy snack that provides delicious, all natural nourishment. Luna bars have 23 vitamins and minerals including calcium, folic acid and antioxidants.
Flavors: *LEM= Lemon Zest *NUT= Nutz Over Chocolate *SMO= S'Mores *WHT= White Choc Macadamia *BLU= Blueberry

  • Web Description: Luna Bars (15/Case)
  • Weight: 1.69 oz.
  • Quantity: 15 Bars to a case
  • Benefits: 70% organic
  • Misc: * Available by the case only.
  • Sport: Running, Tennis, Fitness

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