Gu Packets (1x)

Gu Packets (1x)

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GU Energy Gel is an advanced nutritional product specifically formulated to energize your body during exercise and help athletes perform at their best. GU maintains higher glucose levels longer with its proven carbohydrate formula for a great workout from start to finish. GU also maximizes muscle recovery, fights free radicals, reduces inflammation, and soothes the stomach.
FLAVORS: ORA = Mandarin Orange CHO = Chocolate Outrage VAN = Vanilla Bean LEM = Lemon Sublime BLK = Jet Blackberry TRI = Tri-Berry SWT = Salted Watermelon MINT = Mint SBAN = Strawberry Banana

  • Web Description: Gu Packets (1x)
  • Weight: 32g/(1.1 oz.)
  • Misc: Gel type substance contains 100 calories with no fat.
  • Sport: Running, Fitness

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